Should Stealing Be Illegal?

Stealing is pretty much illegal everywhere and has been for as long as we can remember. There has never been a time when stealing was considered a good thing. Why is that?

People still steal things. Having stealing be illegal just means that stealing is more unsafe. You could be shot by a police officer just for trying to steal something! If stealing was legal it wouldn’t carry that risk, we need to make sure that stealing is safe because no matter what people are going to steal.

And why exactly are people going to steal anyway? A lot of people steal because they have to, even Disney understood that. “Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat.” By having stealing be illegal we are punishing people for being poor and hungry. If people want to steal something having it be illegal isn’t going to stop them. At least if stealing is legal it can more controlled and safer.

The only reason stealing is even illegal is because the Bible says it should be. It is time we stop letting Christians rule the government. Christians are the only people who want stealing to be illegal, so why are we letting them control our society like this? Religious ideology and brainwashing is no way to run a society. I don’t see anyone trying to make laws about selling your daughter into slavery which is promoted in religious text. Keep your prayer wheeling off of my stealing!

If people really want to stop people stealing then they should put all the money they put into the police to enforce anti-stealing legislation (on my tax dollars!!!!) into programs that help feed the hungry. If we just take all the money being spent on security cameras, and alarm systems, and trials we would have enough money to just give everybody what they wanted to steal in the first place.

All the people that support anti-stealing legislation are rich old men who will never feel the need to steal in their lives! Why are these people allowed to make decisions for everyone on something they will never experience? It is akin to saying that poor people shouldn’t be able to vote! By enforcing anti-stealing legislation all they are doing is oppressing those who are in situations where they feel the need to steal so that they will not have time to fight against them. Making a person have to buy things just keeps them busy working and that takes away their power.

It is my choice whether or not I steal and no one should be able to tell me that I cannot steal if I want to! It is my right to choose and no Christian or government official should be able to take that away!

All the arguments presented in this post use the same logic and reasoning as many pro-choice arguments. When looked at outside of the emotional and controversial bubble surrounding them they make no sense and some of them are downright wrong. We need to look at this issue with facts and the pro-choice movement is hiding their facts behind threats of death and Christian oppression ignoring the real issues behind abortion. We do not always have a choice and that is okay. There are lots of times when we don’t want people to be able to choose something. Usually that happens when it affects other people. So why is it okay to make stealing illegal because it affects another person but it isn’t okay for abortion to be?

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