Why We Need To Ban Movie Trailers

Has anyone here seen the trailer for Batman vs Superman? I am sorry to inform you then that you have been completely misled about the movie. I’m sorry to have to tell you this but…

The Batman vs Superman trailer was edited.

I know it is shocking. I know this means that everything the media was telling you about this movie was false. And I hate even more to tell you that the trailer was made by people who just want to make money. This movie studio has been making movies and movie trailers for years. They have an obvious goal in mind and a plan on how to do it and this trailer is part of that plan. They purposefully edited a trailer so you would give them money to see their movie.

The trailer gave you a shorter version of the long film they spent a long time making so you could get an idea of what is going on and get a general overview that covers everything important. Why would they do this? How could they deceive America, Canada, and the world in this way?

We need to put a stop to these edited movie trailers. When things are edited it is obvious the things they contain are untrue. When things are edited nothing can be believed.

We cannot believe anything about Batman vs Superman or even DC comics because of this edited trailer.

Please join me in totally ignoring the fact that the edits do not change the content in any way, shape, or form and blindly follow me in dismissing anyone’s claims about the Batman vs Superman movie because they dared to edit their trailer.

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